#1 Contact us! Let us know your date and location so we can check our availability! We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

#2 Let's Talk! We are excited to hear about your wedding and all the amazing details you’re planning!  We’d like you to get to know us too so we can decide together if we are a perfect fit! (OK, not like the two of you...but maybe a close 2nd?)

#3 Lock us Down! So we know you’re not afraid of commitment...and neither are we! Once you sign your contract and submit a retainer we are yours!

#4 Finalize those Details!  We know you don’t know the room number of where you’ll be putting on those dancing shoes just yet, so we’ll give you some time before we get all that information.  You can expect to let us know this about 1 week before the big day.

#5 Get Married!  On your wedding day we will be your unobtrusive paparazzi, capturing every little moment without you knowing we were even there!

#6 Sneak Peek!  We will send you an instagram or facebook clip the next day so you can get a sneak peek into your cinematic video debut!

#7 Watch Your Video!  Four to Six weeks after your wedding you can expect to watch your amazing wedding video with your new husband (or wife!).  Prepare to laugh, cry, and re-live the first dances and toasts to your heart’s content!