1) What are some examples of videos without audio?

These videos are examples of the highlight video set to music without audio.


2) What are some examples of  videos with audio?

These videos are examples of the highlight video included in the highlight video set to music with audio.


3) What is the Next-Day highlight clip, included in the Gold and Platinum Packages?              

The next day highlight clip is an approximately 1 minute video set to music that you will receive the day after the wedding as a sneak peak into the full-length highlight video you will receive in 4-6 weeks. Here are some recent examples: 


4) What is the difference between the Raw footage (unedited) and the edited ceremony and reception?

The difference is that the unedited video is uncut, raw video footage of one camera angle vs the edited ceremony and reception events, which is a polished presentation of full length events set to music with smooth transitions, multiple angles and focal lengths (much like the highlight videos you have viewed above).  They will both include the day's footage of important events from preparation to exit, have audio, and include all full-length video of the most important parts of the day----ceremony, dances, cake cutting, and speeches.