Jon Noeth Videography was started in 2011.  I received my bachelor's degree in media arts and design from James Madison University in Virginia with a focus on film and documentary cinema studies in 2006.  The first wedding video I ever edited was amateur raw footage of my own wedding in 2010 and I was hooked--- I had been shooting and editing video since I was a teenager, and despite my degree and experience, was not sure exactly what I wanted to do with it until that video.  I was able to relive one of the most awesome memories we have and experience the emotion and details of that day whenever I wanted and it made me want to give that experience to other couples.   My wife, Melissa, joined the team in 2014 and now we work together to give you that opportunity for your day.  We live in St Augustine, FL with our 2 boys, Mason & Jude, and our awesome dog, Shelby.

Still images by Photos by Rob Futrell.


what we love....

Although we love filming weddings we have a passion for music, surfing, travel, animals, and family.  Naturally, we gravitate to filming anything and everything that is close to our hearts. Check out our other videos--- we hope to be there to document so many moments that you and your family will experience for years to come!


“I have watched our video so many times and it brings tears to my eyes still to see the love amongst our family and friends sharing in our special day together.”
— Crystal, July 2013

Still Header Image courtesy of Still 55 Photography